The Family of Felitsian Mazurkiewicz
a genealogical archive born in 2007

Variations and simplifications of our surname may include: Mazurkiewitz · Mazurkewicz · Mazurkewitz
Mazurkevich · Mazurkevicz · Mazurkevics · Mazurke · Mazurk · Mazurek · Mazuryk · Mazurik · Mazur

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If you think you may be related to us, please view our Ancestor Tree and Public Archive to see if something in there may be familiar to you. To maintain the security of personal information of living persons, the remainder of this website is private. To obtain the password, please contact Ken with a description of how you are genetically related to the descendants of a Mazurk elder with any of the following names:

Felitsian · Ignatz · Michael · Constant · Wladislau · Wlademer · William · Moses · Massy · Mosche
Stanislaus · Stanley · Joseph · Vincent · Antoni · Alexander · Stanislawa · Stella · Sophie

Mazurkiewicz · Mazurkiewitz · Mazurkewicz · Mazurkewitz · Mazurkevich · Stefanowicz · Sajkowska
Kazakewicz · Bogdanowicz · Twerian · Rybacka · Kowalewski · Krivit · Sawicki · Grusha

all of Polish heritage, emigrating from the Koidanovo (now Dzerzhinsk)
area of Minsk, Belarus to Brooklyn NY USA circa 1890-1915.


This website was launched on March 21, 2007, originally titled The Family of Moses Mazurkiewicz. It was an experiment, just to see how much interest there might be, and it turned out to be somewhat of a success, bringing together cousins who had little contact with each other for the previous forty years, and others who never even knew of the existence of each other, leading to a small reunion of cousins in September 2007, and larger ones in 2008 and 2009. Our family tree initially contained about 30 known family members, but now includes over 400.

Many pictures and documents have been contributed by various family members, and we've also had some success with the genealogical exploration of the more distant past. One family member, Dolores Mazurkewicz, has emerged as our primary genealogical researcher, locating and acquiring documents that have carried us on a fascinating journey backward through time. A short history of this search, titled Raising The Dead, can be found at The Annals of Genealogical Research. The information that we've accumulated is reliable enough that we felt confident in renaming the website for Moses' grandfather, whose name was documented in January of 2010.

If you'd like to contribute pictures or documents, please scan them and e-mail them to me with a description of the contents, or ask me for my postal address. If e-mailing, please include MAZURK in the subject line so I don't accidentally delete you as junk mail. For website purposes, the resolution of the scans isn't very important. I can probably use whatever you send me. If you'd like to create good quality digital images of your family pictures and documents, please see Preferred Scanning Procedure.

Thank you for your participation,

Cousin Ken